Thank you for taking the time to visit this site.   I hope that it will inspire you to question Einsteinian Relativity and to consider the premise that light is transmitted by mass generated fields. 

I harbor no illusion that the established academic and scientific community will have any interest whatsoever in this site other than to summarily dismiss it as  “pseudo-science” or as yet another “ether” theory.  In fact, experience teaches me that the majority of comments as well as the harshest criticism will come from individuals with their own theories of light transmission.  Although I welcome such comments, I would be most interested in knowing whether such theories would be expected to register a positive result using the experimental methods proposed herein.  Of particular interest would be suggestions from individuals skilled in optical or design engineering regarding the design and construction of the test apparatus itself.     

For those whose time is limited, I would suggest skipping to the Updated Experiment section of the site.  There is no particular need to review the diagrammatical explanations since the premise is quite simple:  Electromagnetic energy requires a medium for transmission.  That medium is comprised of mass generated fields – most likely gravitational.  Terrestrial experiments such as that of Michelson/Morley and its progeny have treated the earth as a moving platform in space.  Yet, if the terrestrial field comprises the primary transmitting medium for light emitted at or near the surface of the earth, the predicted results of such experiments would be attenuated or masked by the earth’s field.  Alternatively, if incoming stellar light, during its brief transit time in the terrestrial field, does not substantially transition to the earth’s field, the observation of stellar aberration would be preserved.  An important point in visualizing this concept is to keep in mind that stellar light could reach the earth even if the terrestrial field is theoretically removed.

The beauty of the experimental design and method suggested herein is that positive results cannot be explained away through the relativistic sophistry of  “simultaneity”, “length contraction”, “time dilation”, “accelerated reference frames” and the like.    

I hope you enjoy this site and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Frank G. Pearce
Contact:  fgpimm@sbcglobal.net
October 12, 2006

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